Compliance Jobs with Your Legal Education

By | April 12, 2015

Here at Lawlternate, we want to introduce the next generation of “legal” jobs to you. Combine your legal background, business acumen, and strategy with a job in Compliance.

What do Compliance Analysts/Officers Do?

Governments and non-profit agencies regulate almost every industry and vertical of commerce. A Compliance Analyst, sometimes referred to as Compliance Officer, is the point-person working to ensure that their employees are ‘compliant’ with these regulations.

What are the duties of a Compliance Analyst?

Your exact job as a Compliance Analyst depends on what industry you work in. Generally, you will be planning and coordinating the operational activities of a given company or organization to guarantee compliance with governmental regulation and ordinances. Your expertise is needed in almost every kind of company – whether it’s a non-profit, hospital, school, corporation, or government agency.

Some specific duties include:

  • Ensuring that all policies and procedures are implemented and well documented
  • Performing occasional internal reviews
  • Identifying compliance problems that call for formal attention.
  • Develop risk management strategies to avoid non-compliance
  • File compliance reports with regulatory bodies.

There are dozens of Compliance jobs at top companies across the country on Lawlternate right now. Good luck on your job search!