What does law school teach you?

By | June 22, 2016

A common misconception the general public has is that you attend law school to learn the law. Those of us who actually attended law school, of course, know that that is not the case.

So – if not the law, then what does law school teach? In reality, law school teaches you how to think like a lawyer.

What exactly does that mean? Are we taught to lie? Are we taught to weasel around answers? Are we taught to be politicians? Are we taught to scream “I object!” every chance we get?

Of course not.

Thinking like a lawyer means you’d like to understand every angle of the given situation.

You want to know what the situation is about, how did you get there, what outside factors contributed, what are the consequences, what are the possible outcomes, and what can happen with each potential action.

Thinking like a lawyer means you sharpen your mind – and you can apply thinking like a lawyer (with your sharpened legal mind) to many, many different kinds of careers.

For example – say you work for a company that is in an industry regulated by the government. You use your sharpened legal mind to strategize – how do you get to compliance? What regulations do you have to follow? Where do you begin? Finding the answers to these questions should be easy for you.

Another example – consulting. By definition, consultants give advice. As a consultant, you use your sharpened legal mind to analyze the situation your client is in – and find a solution to their problem.

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