What else can lawyers do? A list of alternative attorney careers

By | June 15, 2016

The legal job market is tough. Whether you are a brand new attorney, or one that has been practicing for years and seeking a new challenge – there are alternative attorney careers out there.

The economic crisis of the late 2000’s led to thousands of recent college graduates who could not land a job to head towards the hills (the hills being law school). Right now, the job market we see is a direct result of too much supply (of attorneys) and not enough demand (jobs).

In recent years, schools have started promoting the “JD Advantage” – jobs in which attorneys can utilize their legal education in another career. This is precisely the purpose of Lawlternate: to present you – the unemployed rookie or the bored veteran – with alternative career opportunities.

So, what kind of jobs are these? Through deep research into job descriptions, we’ve come up with a list of ideal career opportunities for the legally educated:

  • Business Development – a method of strategic sales to build demand generation and close deals
  • Compliance Analyst/Associate – if you loved reading statutes, this one is for you. Deep dive into government regulations and ensure that your employer is in compliance.
  • Regulatory Analyst – same as above.
  • Risk Analyst – use those analytical skills to deep dive into your companies potential risks, and figure out ways to avert them.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – negotiate with two conflicting parties and help them find a solution.
  • Management Consultant – combine business, law, marketing and come with solutions to problems that companies are facing.
  • Contracts Administrator – if you liked your contracts classes – this one is for you. Review, rewrite, and rework contracts that your employer is getting into.

Best of luck on your search, and if you have any questions – contact us.